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Review: Meaning Of Jagaban, Jagaban by Ycee and Olamide

Hello! Do you remember that viral song by Ycee, titled Jagaban? Okay! Did you also know that he later released a remix of the song jagaban, featuring #YBNL boss, Olamide? Now, that is where we have to come in, We'll be talking about the meaning of the word Jagaban.

Jagaban meaning comes from a very popular slang in Lagos, originally from the underworld, the cultist, the area boys, the yahoo boys, the boss of bosses. It is a nickname the kingpins christen themselves, as it carries a fearful meaning.

Speaking of boss of bosses, the founder and key figure (Mr Ahmed Tinubu, former governor of Lagos State), in the ruling political party (APC) was also given (by the people) the name Jagaban, owing to his influences, fame, and front-liner; and successfully being the key leader of the first party in Nigeria to beat the incumbent President (party), in an election.

Emir of Borgu Halliru Dantoro called/made Bola Ahmed Tinubu “The Jagaban”, meaning “Leader of warriors”.

However aside this, we're still getting reports claiming jagaban means a lot of things.

- A user claims it means being good at doing things, especially bad things.

- Another user said jagaban means a long ban.

- Jagaban was coined from a title that was bestowed on Tinunbu in a town named Borgu in a northern state. "Ja a gabar borgu' meaning leader of d town of borgu or asiwaju ilu borgu in yoruba.

However there's a lot ironical meanings which people have used in expressing their understanding about the word Jagaban from YCee's Song.

Let's here your own taughts, Comment below
Review: Meaning Of Jagaban, Jagaban by Ycee and Olamide Review: Meaning Of Jagaban, Jagaban by Ycee and Olamide Reviewed by Asingba Samuel on June 30, 2016 Rating: 5